The Wireless Alliance supports charities, schools, non-profits and other fundraising organizations through asset recovery from used mobile devices. Program marketing material and shipping costs are all free! Pricing varies on quality, quantity, and condition. The Wireless Alliance pays for every phone, even those that are broken, or very old.





If you are a school, church, charity, business or looking to help the environment while raising funds, contact us to find out which of our programs contain the solution right for you.





We can supply customized marketing materials with a variety of collection ideas. Programs can be short term or long term. The more you put into it, the more rewarding the results are. No minimums or maximums to worry about. With nothing to loose, $0 cost programs are an easy way to raise funds for your cause. We work with some of the largest Charities in the US, as well as the smallest…we are here to help.


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Our customers enjoy 24/7 reporting using our 24/7 online portal. Existing customers, click here to login.

Your Data Security is Important. We utilize industry-leading technologies to ensure that 100% of customer information is destroyed on every device.

Just have a few phones to recycle? Don’t need to get paid? print a free shipping label

For Further Assistance, Please Call Us at 866-TWA-CARE (Toll Free) or Request More Information:

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