Effortless Electronic Evidence Disposal

You’ve got plenty on your plate; allow us to make electronic evidence disposal the easiest part of your day. With over 25 years as an industry leader, you can trust us to handle it – so sit back and rest easy!

No fees, costs, or charges

No fees or costs. All services provided are completely free to use

Get Paid

Get paid for any device of value you send in

Data 100% destroyed

Data is 100% destroyed on every device or it is physically destroyed

Simple to use

1) Pack the devices
2) Hand the shipment to FedEx
3) Let us take it from there


As a certified and trusted business worldwide, The Wireless Alliance guarantees all data is securely destroyed and your devices are in safe hands.

Full Reporting Online

All devices are inventoried into your reports portal along with all IMEIs, serial numbers, and any other unique codes you need to be captured

How It Works in 5 Easy Steps

Simple. Quick. Painless.

1)Request prepaid shipping labels or boxes

Multiple ways to request no-cost shipping boxes and prepaid shipping labels to ship your devices

2) Pack devices for shipping!

Pack all of our accepted devices into the box

3) Hand it to FedEx

All shipping logistics and paperwork is arranged beforehand. You just need to hand it to FedEx, we can even arrange no-cost FedEx pickup!

4) Wait for us to process the devices

All devices have their data 100% destroyed or the device is physically destroyed. Devices are inventoried along with certifications of data destruction in your reports portal

5) Receive Payment

Once the devices are processed, payment is automatically sent via check payment to you (or a charity of your choice)

Packaging and Shipping

We make it simple to ship your devices so you can focus on the things that matter

Packing Your Shipment

Use your box or ours!

We provide no-cost collection boxes for you to ship your devices if you don’t want to use your own!

No need to include any paperwork

No need to fill out any paperwork, we have done it all digitally on the backend for you!

Attach a prepaid FedEx shipping label

Fill out the return address on the label and tape the box shut. Then you are ready to ship!

Secure the devices however you would like

You can neatly bubble wrap each device or dump the devices in the box. We just ask that you secure any loose batteries properly for shipping and bag any leaking ink cartridges.

Collection/Shipping Boxes

We provide unlimited no-cost collection boxes to ship devices in. These boxes are 12″ x 12″ x 12″. All collection boxes include a prepaid FedEx shipping label.

FedEx Prepaid shipping labels

All shipping labels from us are prepaid and have all the paperwork for shipping already digitally supplied on the backend. Just fill out the return address and that’s it! You are then good to attach it to a box and ship it out!

Shipping your box

Get it to FedEX

You can drop it off at any FedEx location or if you get regular FedEx service, you can hand it to your carrier. You can also contact us to arrange a no-cost pickup!

No need to let us know

We will know when you ship the box, no need to let us know you shipped the box

We cover the shipping of the devices

As soon as the box is in FedEX’s hands, its our problem. You can rest easy and we will take it from here.

Shipping is no cost for you!

We completely cover the shipping and its no-cost to you.

Data Security and Data Destruction

We know your fears and concerns when it comes to data security. Let us make that fear disappear, we are qualified to handle those concerns and have the evidence to prove it.

R2v3 Certified

We are certified with one of the strictest and most prestigious data security certificates in the world. We easily meet DOD and NIST Standards.


With over 25 years of experience as an industry leader, we have seen it all and are well-prepared to receive your sensitive devices


Trusted across the world with handling thousands of governments’ and business’s sensitive devices

Recycling and Destruction options

We offer two options on how your devices are processed, no matter what we guarantee the data is 100% destroyed

Recycling (Default option)

When a device is recycled the data is 100% destroyed and then it is refurbished or broken down for parts. We then pay the monthly market value of the device.

If we can’t guarantee the data is 100% destroyed from a device, it is physically destroyed.

Physical Destruction

If you have a device that you do not want to ever be recycled even if we can guarantee the data is 100% destroyed, then it will be destroyed. All devices destroyed are melted down for the raw materials which fully destroys the device. We pay a small flat rate per device destroyed.

Full disclosure: The Wireless Alliance only breaks even with device smelting, not gaining profit. We will never question what is designated for destruction but we kindly ask you to use discretion on what devices you send to destroyed.

To designate a device for physical destruction simply download and sign the following form. Then attach/secure it to each device designed for smelting and then include it in your next shipment!

The Wireless Alliance Online Reports Portal

All the information you need is in one place.

You will be given your account login credentials as soon as it is created by a TWA representative

Within the reports portal, you will find…

Full Shipment Breakdowns

Full inventory reports with make, models, and condition for each shipment sent in


Complete pricing breakdown and values

Certificates of Data Destruction

Find certifications of data destruction for each individual device and for the entire shipment

Update Contact Info

Confirm and update your contact info

Order boxes and labels

Order more boxes and labels at any time. They will ship out within the next business day

IMEI, ESNs, Serial numbers, and any other information you want collected!

Find the IMEIs and Serial numbers for all devices sent in plus other requested captured information like case codes and shipment IDs


We have no fees, charges, or costs with workings with us. We actually pay you!

Set it up and forget

Check payments are automatically mailed to any address of your choice

Check Payments

Payments are sent within 45 days of receiving your shipment.

What if we don’t want to be paid?

You have a couple of options if you don’t want to be paid!

  1. The Wireless Alliance will send the payment to a charity of your choice, just let us know and payments will automatically be sent to them
  2. We will simply not pay anyone for the devices

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you destroy all the data?

Yes! We ensure the complete destruction of data on every device. Certificates of data destruction are generated in your reports portal for each individual device!

How much does your service cost?

Our service is entirely free of charge. We cover all shipping costs and have no hidden fees or expenses. Additionally, we will either pay you for the value of the devices sent in or direct the payment to a charity of your choice

Why FedEx?

We have worked with FedEx for years now and they are the only carrier we trust with devices of sensitive nature.

Average payment?

The payment per shipment is extremely varied, it highly depends on the devices sent in, condition, quantity, and many other factors.

How heavy can the shipments be?

We ask that youkeep the shipment around 50lbs or less to prevent damage in shipping, we would rather you send multiple smaller shipments then one large shipment. We can arrange a pallet/freight shipping if you have large volume