TWA offers collection programs for multiple types of clients delivering the best service. If you are interested in turning in 10 or more phones on a monthly basis, TWA can provide return boxes, advertising materials, and, kiosks dependent on the client experience you are looking for.




We are here to service your environmental recycling and compliance needs with a diversity of solutions that help you turn your old devices into cash. The Wireless Alliance services carriers, individuals, wireless retailers, charities, e-waste recyclers, NGOs, governmental organizations and others.




  • We ship you collection boxes that are coded to your account.

  • Place the box and poster in a visible location and start recycling. We accept all cell phones, chargers, batteries and accessories.

  • Once the box is full of phones, securely tape all the box edges for shipment and then call for pick up or give it to your delivery person; shipping is free. Please see the information provided on the box, or contact us. Reports are available immediately upon processing, 24 hours, 7 days a week. We mail client payments every month.

  • For harder to recycle materials, like cordless home phones, laptops, computers, toners, or inkjet cartridges, and other IT materials, please contact us for assistance.


If you have large quantities of batteries, accessories or chargers to send in,
please contact us and we will arrange to ship this separately.


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The main goal at The Wireless Alliance is to keep cell phones out of our landfills. Cell phones contain lead, arsenic, beryllium and other hazardous toxins that leach into our environment through our landfills. One cell phone, if thrown away, can pollute 40,000 gallons of ground water.









Your phone will go through a triage process to determine its status for reuse. At that time customer data is removed. It will either be refurbished or shredded for precious metals reclamation.

In this process, devices are shredded and metals are extracted for asset recovery. By doing this you help the environment and prevent further mining of resources necessary to produce new devices.

Just have a few phones to recycle? Don’t need to get paid? print a free shipping label

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