The Wireless Alliance provides the highest standard of secure, responsible recycling of your end of life wireless devices. We understand the sensitivity of information that may be on your devices.





Security of your devices and the content on them is our priority. Device handling and data destruction is completed in accordance with the R2:2013 and NIST standards.


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  • Complete data destruction – 100% of consumer content is removed from all devices using state-of-the-art technology

  • Secure handling of devices in accordance with R2:2013 standards

  • Comprehensive online reporting.

  • IMEI/ESN/Serial Number tracking

  • Serialized data sanitation reports

  • Above Market Value for your Wireless Devices




Please contact us for a buyback estimate and to discuss what you need from your recycling partner.

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TWA is certified to the R2:2013 Standard. R2 is the leading standard for the electronics recycling industry.





We pass thorough third party audits to ensure that our practices are environmentally sound and keep our employees and community safe.



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