About The Wireless Alliance

Company History:

The Wireless Alliance is a cell phone recycling company. We work with wireless retail stores, e-waste recyclers, schools, universities, state and local government, large corporations and non-profit organizations to collect and recycle cellular equipment. All equipment is repurposed in a zero waste, environmentally-conscious manner. Since 2001, The Wireless Alliance has reclaimed over 500 tons of wireless equipment from landfills, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

With over 300 million wireless users in the United States alone, we continually strive to provide the best environmental and charitable solutions for wireless recycling. A single phone can pollute 40,000 gallons of ground water. Thus, we constantly seek solutions to reduce water pollutants and future destructive mining with our programs. Any materials that are not reused are sent to an ISO 14001 certified facility for reclamation.


The Wireless Alliance is an R2:2013, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified facility. We at The Wireless Alliance, LLC accept environmental responsibility for our activities and processes. We are committed to sound environmental practices and the prevention of pollution with the aim of attaining our environmental targets and objectives.

The Wireless Alliance, LLC adheres to a policy for managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment that is based on a “reuse, recover, dispose” hierarchy of responsible management strategies.
The Wireless Alliance, LLC and its personnel are committed to complying with the applicable environmental requirements of the relevant legal authority, as well as the industry and any additional requirements to which the company subscribes; including the ISO 14001 Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, and the Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices.
Furthermore, The Wireless Alliance, LLC is committed to the review and continual improvement of our EH&S-MS and activities to minimize impact on the environment.